Pre-operative Information - Planning ahead for your returning home

Recovering from Hip or Knee replacement surgery takes time. You can take practical steps before surgery that will help make your recovery quicker and easier.

These steps include:

  • If you live alone, consider going to a specialised rehabilitation facility after discharge from the hospital. Your doctor can suggest appropriate places to consider. Although you may not be able to make a reservation at the facility, you may want to visit it before your surgery, take a tour, and meet some of the staff. This can ease the transition process from the hospital to the rehabilitation facility.
  • Arrange for someone to take you home and stay with you for the first few weeks after your surgery.
  • If you do the cooking at home, prepare food for a week or two before your surgery and leave it in the freezer so you'll have two weeks of ready-made meals when you get home.
  • Place items you use regularly at home at arm level so you do not have to reach up or bend down.
  • Buy or borrow a forearm supported frame or a pair of crutches and see how well you can maneuver through your home. You may need to rearrange furniture or temporarily change rooms. If you sleep on the upper floor then you need to temporarily move your bed downstairs.
  • Rugs or any items on the floor that could cause you to slip need to be removed.
  • Consider modifying your bathroom to include a shower chair, gripping bar, or raised toilet.
  • A few items you may need to buy that can make your life easier after surgery: a long-handled shoehorn; a long-handled sponge; a grabbing tool; a footstool; and shoes that have no laces.
  • Apply for a temporary disabled parking permit several weeks prior to your surgery. Ask your local doctor or our staff to assist you completing the required forms for the RTA office.

See also “After Leaving Hospital”